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Your Guide to Collecting Stamps
Introduction to Stamp Collecting

So, you've decided to collect stamps? Well, to get all the information you need, I suggest reading this little guide first!

First things first, stamp collecting will be VERY expensive. The price of a stamp ranges from 1 NP for the very common ones to hundreds of millions of neopoints for the ultra rare.

There are some perks, however, for spending all of your hard earned neopoints. For completing some album pages, there are avatars to be found! If there is an avatar, I have placed it above the stamps on the page. Another perk is getting a trophy for being on the high-scores list.
A Few Important Stamp Collecting FAQs

There are not just stamps to collect.
In your stamp album, you will notice many pages of stamps but also coins, shells, scarabs, coconuts, treasures, and charms. You will need to collect all of the different types to get yourself on that high score list.

Once your stamp goes in, it doesn't come out.
That's right, you did read correctly. Once you put your stamp in your album, there is no way to get it out. You cannot change your mind down the road.

You can see how many stamps and your progress!
Click here! You will see your progress for every stamp page and the total number of stamps you have collected so far. Neat, huh? You can find this by clicking Overview while in your stamp album.

The guide does not have prices.
I know, bummer. What you have to understand is that a lot of stamps are very difficult to find. Some stamps were not found at all and others were found with no price. The biggest reason I've decided against putting prices in the guide is because the prices are ALWAYS changing.

"Broken" images.
Okay, this is not done by accident. On some pages you will see a "blank" image, like in your stamp album, where a stamp should be. This means that NeoPets hasn't released it yet. That simple. Once it's released, I will add it.

Can't find a stamp for sale.
This is very common in the world of stamp collecting. You get all "buyable" stamps from the shops and then search the trading post or auctions for a stamp and you can't find it. This happens. The rare stamps are very difficult to find and when they do come up, they are very expensive. You have to remember, the thing about having a great collection is being able to keep collecting! If all the stamps were easy to find and very cheap, it wouldn't be worth doing!

So, just to wrap things up a bit, a few key things to remember:

- Once you put a stamp in, it doesn't come out.
- Stamp collecting is VERY expensive.
- Not all stamps have been released yet!
- There are not only stamps, but many other things to put in your album, too!